EHP-1 Reduced speed vertical lifting platform

The EHP-1 reduced speed (≤ 0.15 m/s) vertical lifting platform, is intended for use by persons with impaired mobility and, if necessary, an accompanying person.
Designed to eliminate architectural barriers in places such as single-family homes, offices, commercial premises and public buildings. It is the best solution, providing maximum security in minimum space. It does not need a machine room nor does its installation require much time.
In addition, it can be delivered with a self-supporting structure, as an alternative in those places where it is difficult to underpin or locate the platform, to enable and facilitate its installation.

Range of Application

  • Rated load: 300 / 400 / 500 kg.
  • Rated speed 0.15 m/s.
  • Maximum travel 15 m 2:1 ratio.
  • Maximum number of stops: 7 (see, for more)
  • Suitable for people with impaired mobility.

Technical specifications

  • Different load capacities depending on the dimensions of the carrier: 300, 400 and 500 kg.
  • Drive system by means of a single acting hydraulic cylinder, indirect thrust (ratio 2: 1) and maximum travel of 15 m.
  • Rated speed 0,15 m/s.
  • Hydraulic unit with solenoid valve for progressive start and stop, manual lowering valve. Includes integrated manual pump and cut-off valve.
  • Electrical panel with programmable logic controller and pre-assembled operation at 24 VDC in shaft and carrier.
  • Platform operation by means of hold to run system (button control panel in carrier). The appliance will only operate when the button is pressed. From landing push button control panels, the appliance is operated by means of standard lifts call system. If the platform has carrier doors, the button pressing operation will be the same (carrier and landing).
  • The button control panel in the carrier is stainless steel and has a key switch with a luminous ring (confirming the activation of the control panel), a mushroom stop button, an alarm button, overload light and push buttons with numbering in relief.
  • Minimum lift pit of 100 mm.
  • Possibility of up to three boarding sides.
  • Automatic re-levelling: the platform comes back to the landing level where it was when it had gone down due to causes other than normal operation.
  • Three-phase electric motor, 3 or 4 HP, (2.2 – 3 kW) depending on nominal load.
  • Minimum flight 2400 mm.
  • Anti-slip floor (black rubber buttons).
  • Ceiling tile finish in polished stainless steel, with timed LED spot lights.
  • Cabinet finish in decorated skin plate or melamine.

Safety systems

  • Emergency back-up supply in case of power failure, acting on the carrier keypad (for lowering to bottom floor only).
  • Mechanical safety gear system in case of ropes breakage.
  • Rope slackening stops manoeuvre.
  • Hydraulic rupture valve.
  • Emergency lighting in carrier through one of the ceiling spot lights.
  • Mechanical final limit safety contact.
  • Pressure relief valve and pressure switch to stops operation.
  • Safety timer for excessive operating time.
  • Telephone or bidirectional lift type communicator.
  • Light curtain system (infra-red) for carrier access.
  • Semi-automatic swing door in floor, fire-resistant.
  • Pit access safety post.
  • Lift pit panel with stop button and 220V socket for portable lighting.


  • Single-phase electric motor 3 or 4 HP
  • Electrical panel and hydraulic control unit integrated in the same cabinet.
  • Resistance to overheating.
  • Two-piece cylinder. Recommended for distances of over 11 m (ratio 2: 1).
  • Hydraulic silencer (inside the control unit) to reduce the transmission of noise and vibrations to the structure.
  • Continuous pump (very low emission of noise and vibrations).
  • Automation for opening semi-automatic door.
  • Automatic bus-type folding door in carrier.
  • Automatic telescopic door in carrier and floor.
  • Display of floors in carrier. Also available for floors.
  • Voice synthesiser in carrier.
  • Carrier in stainless steel.
  • Panoramic carrier (frame in stainless steel and laminated glass thickness according to dimensions).
  • Retractable key to replace push buttons.
  • Acoustic warning of carrier’s presence on floor.
  • Polished stainless steel tube handrails.
  • Mirror.
  • Vertical stainless steel carrier switch panel.
  • Linoleum floor (see finishes).


Apparatus manufactured under European Directive 2006/42/EC on machinery and its transposition to Royal Decree 1644/2008 on marketing and the putting into service of machinery.