Quality Policy


RAMOS ELEVACION S.L.,is a company with more than 80 years of experience in the elevation sector, which has led to both their customers and suppliers recognising them as a supplier of great prestige. The main objective of our system is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, as well as that of our employees and all who deal with our company. We are always focused on the continual improvement of our organisation, providing the highest quality service to our customers and constantly updating in order to adapt to the latest developments in the industry. The fundamental pillars for the manufacture of our elevators are: to reach high levels of quality, by ensuring that all the materials used in the production process are from leading brands; to design with a focus on reliability and simplicity in the installation of our products, complying with the European standards; and to respect delivery times. All of this has allowed us to obtain the highest level of satisfaction from our customers.

For this reason, the Management has established and implemented a Quality Management System based on the requirements of the Standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015, within the scope of: “DESING AND MANUFACTURE OF LIFTING DEVICES”. THIS CERTIFICATE IS AT YOUR DISPOSAL (CLICK HERE TO SEE). And for that, we commit ourselves to:

-Making continual improvement a fundamental principle of all our activities.

-Assuring that the provision of a quality service is the shared responsibility of the entire RAMOS ELEVACIONES, S.L. team, providing them with the sufficient training and expertise on quality issues.

-Complying with the current legal requirements applicable to our activities, in addition to any others which the organisation subscribes to, in order to ensure continued commitment to all interested parties, in particular our customers and the various government bodies.

-Ensuring that the design, manufacture and delivery of our products satisfies the needs and requirements of our customers and exceeds their expectations, always in compliance with the quality and time periods agreed upon.

-Making sure that our entire workforce has the appropriate skills, training, development and ethical principles, with a focus on providing value to our customers.

-Striving to manage the key process chain of our services, through continuous improvement.

In addition to these objectives, the Management’s System Review meetings establish quantifiable objectives for a given period of time, including objective evidence to demonstrate their achievement, the person who will be responsible for their execution and the resources available to achieve them.

We are able to guarantee that all the people in the organisation who influence quality are fully aware of the Management Policy and its objectives by ensuring that it is distributed to every level of the organisation by the person responsible for Quality Control, along with the relevant documentation that applies to each individual role and department.

Miguel González Alonso