About us

Ramos Elevación is a company with more than 80 years of experience in the elevation market, which contributes to achieve a renown business prestige.

Our main objectives in our products are: to reach high quality levels, so every material used in our productive process comes from the best brands; to design focused in the simplicity at the installation of our products and in their reliability, following the european standars; and to respect the delivery periods. As a result of this, we obtain a high degree of satisfaction from our customers.

To keep it and improve it, we count with a high-qualified team that using the latest technology, is now especialized in the adaptation of our product to the customer’s needs in every required especification (autoportable structures, rails, etc.), that is, every order is studied and personalized carefully.

We have a wide range of elevation products () and moreover, we make (lift platform) elevators to remove architectonic barriers since 1994, (tanto plataformas salvaescaleras como elevadores residenciales) guaranteeing accesibility everywhere.

To sum up, our goal is to be better everyday.