Goods or vehicle platforms PRH-2-I

Platform designed to lift only goods by means of two drive columns, with a rated load of up to 6000 kg and allowing a wide range of dimensions, lengths of travel and stops.

Its structure allows for larger base dimensions, being suitable for vehicles, large volumes and even runway systems focused on the meat industry. Its inverted chassis configuration allows the platform, as well as its guides, to be flush with the utmost level of the floor.

Range of application

  • Rated load from 1500 kg to 6000 kg.
  • Rated speed 0,10 m/s or 0,20 m/s.
  • Maximum travel 12 m 2:1 ratio (see travel distances in other ratios).
  • Not suitable for the lifting of persons.

Technical specifications

  • Drive system by means of two hydraulic cylinders, single acting indirect thrust type (ratio 2:1) and maximum travel of 12 m.
  • Traction via anti-rotating steel cables.
  • Rated speed 0,10 m/s.
  • Partly pre-assembled 24 VDC electric operation. Two-stop control via electronic board. For three stops or more and for special options (sliding doors, re-levelling etc.) by means of a programmable logic controller (PLC), allowing great versatility of functions and extras.
  • Non-slip steel floor.
  • Possibility of two boarding sides.
  • Three-phase electric motor.
  • Landing push button control panel with mushroom stop button.
  • Supply of separate chassis base.
  • Grey hammer effect” finish.

Safety systems

  • Control of slackening cables by means of electrical safety contact.
  • Mechanical final limit safety contact.
  • Pressure relief valve.
  • Hydraulic rupture valve on each cylinder.
  • Timer control for excessive operating time.
  • Side protection guards (depending on configuration).


  • Rated speed 0,20 m/s.
  • Two-piece cylinder. Recommended for distances of over 11 m (ratio 2: 1).
  • Distances of over 12 m in other ratios (see).
  • Mechanical safety gear installation on the platform chassis.
  • Rope system compensating for the displacement of cylinders (for bases from 2750 mm between columns)
  • Side protection, depending on configuration: in tube, tube and sheet or sheet in carrier.
  • Rail system structure focused on the meat industry.
  • Re-levelling: normal or with two motors. Keeps the platform flush with the floor during loading and unloading processes.
  • Door security system using electric lock (see others).
  • Light curtains or photoelectric cells on boarding items (subject to placement and type of guards).
  • Emergency back-up (to lower the platform to the ground floor).
  • Resistance heating element.
  • Recessed landing push button control panel.
  • Drive system by means of chains.
  • Anti-corrosive treatment by hot galvanising and finishing in stainless steel sheet (see other finishes).
  • Manual double-leaf doors or articulated slats.
  • Electric anti-creep system that allows the platform to be left stationary, at each stop, for loading and unloading.


Apparatus manufactured under European Directive 2006/42/EC on machinery and its transposition to Royal Decree 1644/2008 on marketing and the putting into service of machinery.