EVO-1 Vertical lift for persons with reduced mobility

The EVO-1 reduced speed (≤ 0.10 m/s) vertical lifting platform is intended for use by persons with reduced mobility and, if necessary, an accompanying person.

We can offer you a wide range of options to configure and customise this vertical lift model.

 Range of application

  • Load capacity: 300 kg.
  • Nominal velocity 0.10 m/s.
  • Maximum run: Up to 3 m.
  • Maximum number of stops: 3.
  • Suitable for persons with reduced mobility.
  • Technical specifications
  • Drive system: direct-thrust hydraulic cylinder (1:1 ratio).
  • 1.5 HP single-phase electric motor (1.1 kW).
  • Hydraulic power unit with silent pump.
  • Electrical panel and hydraulic power unit integrated in a cabinet, minimising noise emission.
  • Pre-assembled 24 V electric control unit, with hold-to-run function from the cabin and configurable floor push-button panels, according to the characteristics of the shaft.
  • Cabin console with XL-type push-buttons, overload indicator, key (for restriction of use), alarm button, stop button and emergency light.
  • Standard platform dimensions: 1250 x 990 mm, with side boarding and 800 mm PL (others on request).
  • Standard 150 mm pit, reduced 110 mm pit available as an option.
  • Cabin with non-slip floor.
  • 1100 mm high laminated glass side protectors.
  • Boarding photocells without cabin door (optional light curtain).
  • Emergency power supply (UPS).
  • Electrical safety strut integrated in guides and pit stop for access under the platform for maintenance operations (UNE-EN 81-41).
  • Anti-crushing device under the platform.
  • Combined finishes in RAL 7035 and 9005 (others on request).


  • 1 hp three-phase electric motor (0.75 kW).
  • Possibility of up to three-way boarding.
  • Wireless floor push button station, or remote control.
  • Swinging doors open and close automatically.
  • Non-slip aluminium platform floor (for other materials, please consult us).
  • Key switches replacing push-buttons (restricted access).
  • Two-way lift-type communication.
  • Shaft lighting (UNE-EN 81-41).
  • Stainless steel finish (please consult us).
  • Bad weather protection.
  • Frame-to-wall trim for floor doors.
  • Different shaft configurations: open or partially closed, with bellows under the platform (compliance with CTE), and closed (UNE-EN 81-41).


Apparatus manufactured under European Directive 2006/42/EC regarding machinery and its transposition to Spanish Royal Decree 1644/2008 regarding marketing and commissioning of machinery.