Goods platform: large volumes: PRH-4

Platform designed to lift only goods, starting at 6000 kg, by means of two drive columns and two other guiding columns, for a wide range of dimensions, travel lengths and stops.

Its structure allows larger base dimensions, being suitable for heavy vehicles, large volumes and even forklifts.

Range of application

  • Rated load from 6000 kg to 10000 kg (see for other nominal loads).
  • Rated speed 0,10 m/s or 0.20 m/s.
  • Maximum travel 12 m 2:1 ratio (see, for other lengths of travel).
  • Not suitable for lifting people.

Technical specifications

  • Drive system by means of two hydraulic cylinders, single acting indirect thrust type (ratio 2:1) and maximum travel of 12 m.
  • Drive system by DIN 8187 chain, with anti-rotation safety ropes.
  • System of chains and cables compensating the displacement of the cylinders and the end of the base in the area of the guide columns.
  • Rated speed 0,10 m/s.
  • Partly pre-assembled 24 VDC electric operation. Control using programmable logic controller (PLC) allowing great versatility of features and extras (slatted doors, ISO-levelling, etc.).
  • Non-slip steel floor.
  • Possibility of up to two boarding sides.
  • Hydraulic unit of two engines with re-levelling and two speeds.
  • Landing push buttons control panels with mushroom stop button.
  • Supply of separate chassis base.
  • Grey hammer effect” finish.
  • Electrical anti-creep at each stop, for loading and unloading.

Safety systems

  • Control of slackening ropes and chains by electrical safety contact.
  • Mechanical final limit safety contact.
  • Pressure relief valve.
  • Hydraulic rupture valve on each cylinder.
  • Timer control for excessive operating time.
  • Protective handrails in the area of the guides.


  • Rated speed 0,20 m/s (see, for more).
  • Two-piece cylinder. Recommended for distances of over 11 m (ratio 2: 1).
  • Side protection: in tube, tube and sheet.
  • Door security system using electric lock (see others).
  • Light curtains or photoelectric cells on boarding items (subject to placement and type of rails).
  • Emergency back-up (to lower the platform to the ground floor).
  • Resistance to overheating.
  • Recessed landing push button control panels.
  • Anti-corrosive treatment by hot galvanising and finishing in stainless steel sheet (see other finishes).
  • Manual double-leaf doors or articulated slats.


Apparatus manufactured under European Directive 2006/42/EC on machinery and its transposition to Royal Decree 1644/2008 on marketing and the putting into service of machinery.