MH-1 Dumbwaiters or Service Lifts (with structure)

The MH-1 series, in its 50 kg and 100 kg versions, is intended for the vertical transport of small loads in places such as restaurants, hotels and offices, as well as in clinics and hospitals.
The installations carried out with self-supporting structures are especially suited for those spaces where it is not possible to fix guide supports to the wall. With the placing of our self-supporting structure, hollow walls can be covered, for example, with Pladur-type materials.
However, it should be taken into account that the final dimensions of the cabin will be smaller than those configured without a structure and that its design does not allow the possibility of it being closed in, with sheets of metal or plywood, in its supply, leaving the structure as seen in the illustrations.
It is made up of angular pillars and slotted rings, as well as folded sheet, which is to be screwed together. In turn, the guide rails, cylinder and pulley bridge, will be fixed to these rings in order to elevate and lower the dumbwaiter. All of this means that the fitting is fast and simple in practice, with a consequent saving in labour costs.

Range of Application

  • Rated load of 50 kg and 100 kg.
  • Rated speed 0.30 m/s.
  • Maximum travel 16 m 4:1 ratio.
  • Not suitable for the lifting of persons.

Technical specifications

  • Drive system by means of a single acting hydraulic cylinder, indirect traction (2:1 or 4:1).
  • Traction by means of anti-rotating steel ropes.
  • Rated speed 0,30 m/s.
  • Pre-assembled 24 VDC electrical operation.
  • Landing limit switches via magnetic scanners.
  • Cabinet finished in AISI-304 polished stainless steel sheet.
  • A removable intermediate tray in cabinet in polished AISI-304 stainless steel.
  • Possibility of up to three boarding sides.
  • Guillotine type doors in AISI-304 satin finish stainless steel.
  • Three-phase electric motor.
  • Push-button panel recessed into door frame, with landing push buttons in stainless steel for calling and sending service lift to any floor (with a luminous contoured busy indicator), pilot light indicating availability for use and acoustic warning of arrival to landing.
  • Soft start hydraulic shock absorber.

Safety systems

  • Pressure relief valve.
  • Mechanical final limit safety contact.
  • Hydraulic rupture valve.
  • Interlocking doors and contact with the door closed.


  • Single-phase electric motor.
  • Resistance to overheating for the hydraulic unit.
  • Extra removable intermediate trays.
  • 1-leaf swing door with electric lock (see for finish and other types of door).
  • Galvanised sheet self-supporting structure (rings and columns) without closed gaps.
  • Swinging door in AISI-304 satin stainless steel on ground floor, if the hydraulic unit is to be positioned inside the hollow.
  • Food heater.


Apparatus manufactured under European Directive 2006/42/EC on machinery and its transposition to Royal Decree 1644/2008 on marketing and the putting into service of machinery.